“Charles made a decision”: Queen Camilla of Great Britain in her youth

Many people have never seen it in their youth

It is said that Charles was the one who was unfaithful in the marriage, which “unleashed” the young princess. Later, the royal family accused Diana of infidelity. Many people now may not remember what Camilla, 75 years old, looked like when she was young.

Camilla Rosemary Shand has gone from being a “divorcee” to becoming the Queen of the United Kingdom. Many subjects privately despise the aristocracy, blaming her for the breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage. According to rumors, Charles and Camilla have a long history together.

According to legend, it was Charles’ infidelity in the marriage that “unleashed” the young princess. Diana was later accused of infidelity by the royal family. Many people may not remember Camilla, 75, when she was younger.

“Did Charles really cheat on Diana with this woman?” “What an unattractive woman,” “I don’t understand what Charles saw in Camilla,” “How could he have traded Diana for this woman?”

“She was just submissive and comfortable, unlike Diana,” “Diana didn’t fit into this family,” I read under the photo of the young Queen of Great Britain. What do you think of Camilla’s archival photos?

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