“Charming beauty with a sense of humor”: Julia Roberts in a dress with portraits of Clooney caused a stir!

Julia Roberts made an appearance at the 45th Academy Awards, held at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The 55-year-old actress showed up dressed unusually.

The Pretty Woman actress is renowned for both her abilities and her exceptional capacity for forming friendships. Julia demonstrated this on the occasion by showing her support for her close friend George Clooney.

The actress appeared in a long, black dress with a distinctive pattern. There were pictures of Clooney from various years running the entire length of the costume. Julia wore a short black jacket over the outfit. The outfit was finished off with stylish high heels.

Roberts relaxed and lightly waved her long hair. The mother of three has abandoned heavy makeup in favor of lip gloss, mascara, and blush, which enhance her natural beauty.

Julia dressed in a traditional pantsuit for the occasion. Her spouse Daniel Moder was seated next to her during the ceremony. He opted for a black tuxedo for the formal portion.

The actress’s admirers were thrilled with her appearance. They found the actress’s attire adorable, lovely, and hilarious!

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