“Cherishing Every Moment Together”: Matt Damon Reflects His Friendship with Ben Affleck After His Father’s Passing

During a candid interview with journalist Chris Wallace on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace prior to the Screen Actors Guild strike, Hollywood star Matt Damon opened up about his enduring friendship and collaboration with his longtime buddy, Ben Affleck. The two actors, aged 52 and 50, respectively, have been remarkably close for a significant period.

When asked by Wallace if they ever experienced a time when their bond wasn’t as strong, Damon referred to the impact of the 2021 Beatles documentary, Get Back, on how he viewed his relationship with Affleck. The documentary showcased the iconic rock band as they worked on their final studio album before their 1970 breakup, and it left Damon feeling melancholic, realizing the joy the band members shared.

Prompted by this realization, Damon reached out to Affleck and questioned why they hadn’t worked together more frequently in the past 25 years since their successful collaboration on Good Will Hunting, for which they won an Academy Award for the screenplay. Their creative partnership had been on hold until they reunited for The Last Duel in 2021.

The turning point in their friendship came after the passing of Damon’s father, Kent, in 2017, as Affleck had been particularly close to him. This loss seemed to change something in both of them, making them realize the importance of cherishing every moment. Damon expressed his desire to make each second count and not squander any more time.

Since that realization, Damon and Affleck have indeed made the most of their time together, founding their production company, Artists Equity, in November. They released their first film under the company’s banner, Air, which followed the story of Nike sports executives signing NBA legend Michael Jordan to a groundbreaking deal in 1984.

Their creative collaboration doesn’t end there. Damon and Affleck are set to star in the upcoming film, The Instigators, under their company’s production. The movie filmed some scenes in Boston earlier in the year, with Ben taking on a producer role alongside Damon.

Speaking about his friendship with Ben, Damon emphasized that it is one of the three most significant partnerships in his life, alongside his wife. He jokingly mentioned that the question about the priority of partnerships was an easy one to answer.

As for their recent projects, Oppenheimer, starring Matt Damon, is currently in theaters, while Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace can be enjoyed on Max and CNN.

In conclusion, Matt Damon’s heartfelt interview provided a glimpse into the depth of his bond with Ben Affleck and how their friendship and creative partnership have evolved over the years.

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