Children who spend their childhood right: a lot of joy, fun, and washing for mom!

A happy childhood is impossible to imagine without walking in the fresh air – without conquering puddles and taking mud baths, without fun activities with friends, abrasions, bumps, and damaged clothes. A sense of humor and a philosophical outlook on life helps parents survive all the consequences of such games.

We are sure that the children in these pictures definitely enjoyed the walk.

Whatever nonsense you have in mind, there will always be like-minded people.

These guys are ready for anything in life.

When grandfather is a beekeeper.

Mother, carry the sword, we are losing!

The case when you need to learn everything from your own experience.

The main thing is to take the pool before the dads do it.

Here it is, happiness.

Master of the elements.

With a flick of the wrist, the bike turns into a boat.

I’ll show them who’s in charge here.

And you say – water park, water park …

The cutest animals in the world

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