Choose a card to receive a powerful message!

Simply select one card instinctively to get a strong message!

If you chose Card #1

This card serves as a reminder that you are not alone; your friends and family are there for you. Family and friends want to help you, but you must reach out to them and ask for help. They cannot read your mind.

If you chose Card #2

The card reminds you of REST. I know this sounds easier than it should. Sometimes just a 5-10 minute nap can refresh you. We are usually more prone to accidents and injuries. This is because our mind, body, and soul are on an emotional hill. Try to rest when you can. This is especially important now.

If you chose Card #3

The card tells you that it is natural to be sad. Others frequently put you under strain. Your melancholy is a very common emotion. Don’t put on a phony grin or pretend you’re “fine” when you’re not feeling it. Share your sadness.

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