Choose the ideal wedding gown and discover your personality type

Choosing a wedding gown is without a doubt one of the most significant decisions a woman will make in her life. Your decision might reveal a lot about your personality.

Dress #1

You strive for inner harmony. You like to be alone with yourself and analyze everything that you are surrounded by.

Dress #2

You don’t believe in miracles. You live in the real world. You like serious behavior in people.

Dress #3

You value kindness and honesty. You are good at keeping secrets. You are literally drawn to everything mysterious and mysterious. You like to explore new things and places. Your partner will never be bored with you, ever!

Dress #4

You are not a very trusting woman, so sometimes it can be difficult for you. Your closest ones know perfectly well that your trust just needs to be earned. You will be a faithful wife and a strict mother.

Dress #5

You have a very good imagination. You love adventure and never refuse to try something new. You are a passionate woman!

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