Climbers in the mountains stumble upon a family that has been living outside civilization for 80 years

The people we will tell you about today have never seen a TV, have not used a mixer, and hardly know what a microwave is. Despite technological progress and the development of civilization, these people live outside the rest of the world.

When a group of climbers climbed the mountain, they found a small lonely house. When they entered there, they realized that someone was living there. They lived at home, at first they were even afraid of uninvited guests and were confused. But realizing that the climbers did not want to harm them, they received them in a friendly manner and even got to know each other.

This house has existed for more than a hundred years, and it has always belonged to the same family. Members of this family have not left it for the last 80 years. Of course, there are children who left here of their own free will and live in the city, while the rest continue to live here.

The nearest village is about a day’s walk, from time to time they make such trips to exchange wool with meat for something from clothes and shoes. These people have a farm – a cow, sheep, and chickens, so they eat natural products.

It is surprising that none of the local inhabitants are familiar with television and the Internet at all. All that they have from the heritage of civilization is a solar battery for heating their homes, which they also bartered. Mountain dwellers carry water from a river a few kilometers away, and in winter they use the snow.

By the way, when the climbers shared online about the conditions in which this family is, its older members managed to apply for cash benefits so that they finally have the opportunity to buy everything they need.

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