“Colored diamonds on her neck!” Salma Hayek’s amazing gems left everyone speechless

Salma loves to complement her look with various pieces of jewelry.

Fans of S. Hayek were treated to several captivating and unforgettable parts. One may single out paintings like “Frida,” “From Dawn to Dusk,” and others as some of her most well-known creations.

Now, our heroine tries her hand at producing and directing, but she keeps her acting career in mind. By the way, the movie “Eternal Chloe Jao,” in which our heroine will appear on television among the most well-known Hollywood stars, will soon be published.

Remember that the actress wed a French millionaire in 2009 who is one of the conglomerate’s heirs. The pair frequently goes out together.

Salma enjoys accessorizing several items of jewelry. She especially likes jewelry that features colorful diamonds since they can highlight her amazing looks.

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