“Completely different”: an amazing love story of Nikolai Valuev and his wife

There are no boundaries for true love. This is wonderfully demonstrated by the example of the Valuev family.

The couple met at the birthday party of their mutual friend. Galina was very surprised by the dimensions of the man, whose height was more than 2 meters. At that time, she could not even imagine that in the future he would become the father of her children.

Due to constant training, Nikolai could not afford to meet with Galina too often. They saw each other several times a week because Alexander did not want to miss training. And the girl should not have expected romance in these relationships.

The athlete decided not to bother much even when it came to the offer. While relaxing in the bath, he asked the girl’s father if he would give his daughter for him. The man gave his go-ahead, so Galina was simply confronted with this fact. And so their wedding took place, between constant training and traveling at competitions.

In the ring, he was big and strong, and at home, he became a kind and loving man. Nikolai tries to be gentle and caring towards his wife and children. It is noteworthy that even today the “Russian Bear” does not give gifts to his wife.

The thing is that several times he gave her beautiful shoes, in her opinion, but as Galina herself admitted, this was a very strange choice on the part of her husband. Today, she tries to tell her beloved in advance that she really needs Nikolai, if he buys, then only the necessary things.

Now the athlete, together with his beloved wife, is raising 3 children. He has been happily married to his wife for over twenty years. Well, we can only wish their wonderful family all the warmest!

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