Conchita Wurst radically changed her image, turning into a stately handsome man

Conchita Wurst is the pseudonym of the bright and famous artist, Tom Wurst. He is thirty-three years old, and he became famous throughout the world not for his incredibly talented songs, but for his bright and unusual appearance. 

Over the years, fans and ordinary viewers have become accustomed to his image – he combined graceful dresses and a courageous beard. However, recently it suddenly ended – Tom appeared on his Instagram and in the world in the form of a brutal man.

The beard loved by many has not gone away, long hair was cut off, bright makeup was washed off, and the dress changed to a leather jacket and a T-shirt – such a brutal appearance, of course, was liked by the fans of this artist.

Also, thanks to this transformation, many new fans came to him, especially female ones. Agree that it is even somehow unusual to see such a dramatic transformation of the Eurovision winner?

And how do you like such a radical change in the image, dear readers? Write your comments below this article!

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