“Conqueror of Hearts”: What 18-year-old Romeo Beckham looks like now

Looking at the young, beautiful, and energetic Victoria and David Beckham, it’s hard to imagine that they already have adult children!

Their eldest son Brooklyn recently announced their imminent wedding, and the middle, 18-year-old Romeo, surprised everyone by appearing on the cover of the most popular fashion publication in the world.

The second child of the star couple was born on September 1, 2002, and was named after the famous Shakespearean character. At first, the parents hid the child, justifying this by the fact that he may experience epileptic seizures. However, later Romeo began to appear more and more often with his family, and fans fell in love with his unusual appearance.

From childhood, the boy was fond of tennis, but all the fashion houses really wanted to lure the handsome man to their side, into the modeling business. And Romeo tried. Now it is developing well in these two directions.

And just the other day, a huge breakthrough happened in the guy’s modeling career – Italian Vogue came out with his photo on the cover. Perhaps Romeo still decided to become a professional model, not an athlete?

It turned out that for the sake of shooting an 18-year-old boy even dyed his hair! But this did not spoil his puppet appearance in the least, on the contrary, now he looks very impressive. Yes, and his figure is beautiful, it is immediately clear that sport is a part of his life.

Who is in the heart?

Of course, such a handsome man has many female fans around the world. However, disappointment awaits them – the guy’s heart is already occupied by his age-mate named Mia Regan.

Are they really a beautiful couple?

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