“Cool outfit”: Britney Spears surprised fans with a hot video

The famous singer B. Spears has always loved to arrange home photo shoots. So, a few days ago, she once again delighted fans with fresh shooting.

The singer set up a camera in the living room and filmed her dance. She chose the right music and started making interesting moves. The actress put on a bright acid-colored summer outfit, which focused on her rounded shapes.

Also, the bathing suit perfectly emphasized the slender legs of the performer, which, due to the angle, seemed a little longer. Initially, the artist was also in a fur coat, but a little later she decided to throw it off her shoulders.

The singer also experimented with her hairstyle. She loosened her long hair, then collected them in a ponytail. The ends of her curls were dyed pink. With regard to makeup, the star decided to highlight the eyes.

So, Britney had fun in front of the camera, showing fans all the advantages of her attractive figure. As the singer said, her phone was constantly shifting, which is why the frames turned out to be slightly muddy. However, she made them for fun, so fans shouldn’t take them too seriously.

Subscribers did not quite like the quality of the pictures themselves, but still, Spears herself received a lot of kind words in her comments. Many fans noted that they admire the singer, who had to go through considerable difficulties in her life.

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