Copy of her great-grandmother! Fresh photos of Prince William’s daughter caused a strong reaction on the Internet

Charlotte of Cambridge, a 6-year-old representative of the royal family, rightfully claims to be the favorite of the public. But this time she attracted the special attention of the loyal subjects of the British crown.

Fresh photos of the girl that appeared the other day gave rise to heated discussions. Many fans of William and Kate’s family have found a striking resemblance between their daughter and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

“The spilled Elizabeth”, “A striking resemblance!”, “A beautiful child”, “You can’t fool the genes, a real princess”, “How quickly she grew up, just a cutie”,

“An exact copy of the great-grandmother”, “Here she is, the future queen,” netizens wrote, comparing childhood photos of Elizabeth and Charlotte.

What do you think? Is there really a resemblance?

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