Country Singer Morgan Wade Opens Up About Double Mastectomy Recovery

Experience Morgan Wade’s inspiring journey through her double mastectomy recovery. πŸ’– Join her as she shares courage and hope. Read now! 🌟

Country singer Morgan Wade, who is 29 years old, recently talked about her recovery from a surgery called a double mastectomy.

She had this surgery last November as a precaution because she found out she carries a gene called RAD51D, which increases the risk of breast cancer. This gene puts carriers at a 20 to 40 percent chance of getting breast cancer in their lifetime.

Wade shared some pictures of her recovery process. One picture showed her right after the surgery, wearing special clothes and bandages. Another picture showed her more recently, looking healthier and stronger.

She explained that she decided to have the surgery because of her family history with breast cancer. It’s been four months since the surgery, and she’s back to doing things she loves, like weightlifting and running.

Wade couldn’t do some activities right after the surgery, like pull-ups and getting a massage, because she couldn’t lie on her stomach. But now she’s able to do them again.

She got implants during the surgery and is happy with them. She doesn’t have nipples because of the type of breast cancer her aunt had. She’s still getting used to her body looking different but has no regrets about the surgery.


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Wade is thankful for her quick recovery and is looking forward to a healthy life. Her next steps in this journey involve retrieving eggs and eventually having more surgeries to remove her ovaries and uterus.

She thanked everyone for their support and said she’s excited to go back to work and get ready for her upcoming tour.

Her friends left supportive comments on her post, and Wade expressed gratitude for the advances in science that allowed her to make this decision and take care of her health.

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