“Couple adopted the unwanted child”: The first words of the girl left everyone in tears

Little Lucy was born with the Down syndrome and was left without parents in the first six years of her life. Luckily, her orpahned life did not last forever. Lucy was brought to the USA from China through an adopting program. Her new family was excited and anxious while waiting for the child to arrive. They did not know how the little girl would react to the new surroundings and the fact that she was going to have parents after spending all her life in the orphanage.

Brent and Audrey Shuk are Lucy’s adoptive parents. They were very worried about the girl and how she would accept them. The spouses already had 5 biological children, but wanted one more.

Their first meeting took place at the airport in Houston, Texas. When she arrived, she anxiously looked around to find her new family. And when she did, she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Audrey rushed to greet her new daughter. But then little Lucy said something that left everyone at the airport in tears. The girl had problems with speech and could hardly say anything, but at that moment she clearly uttered “MOM!”.

The spouses were surprised and incredibly happy!

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