Crawford never had surgery and appeared in a swimsuit without makeup

Crawford, who didn’t have operations, looks this without makeup.

Many 1990s supermodels are still famous and legendary today. And, of course, Cindy Crawford, who recently turned 56, is one of them. The cult woman was also one of the few who flatly refused to have any plastic surgery and did not strive to meet all beauty standards at all costs. Cindy, it turned out, made the correct decision by opting for natural aging. 

And time alters everything and everyone, from appearance to personality. Despite everything, Crawford remains an icon of charisma and femininity for millions of people.She is quite self-assured and frequently shares her photos with no retouching or makeup. At the same time, the supermodel posed in front of the mirror without putting on any makeup. The woman was dressed in a bathing suit and wore her hair in a bun. 

Needless to say, she did not resemble the models on magazine covers. She instead demonstrated that women can age gracefully. Some, however, rushed to criticize the woman for the fact that she clearly needs to gain a few kilograms. 

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