Creepy pictures that you can look at for hours

Users of the social network “Reddit” share photos and some of them do not look like ordinary pictures showing everyday life. There was even a separate selection with the speaking title “WTF”. And when you look at these photos, you want to ask a logical question: “What is going on here, in general?”.

This venus flytrap decided not to increase in size, but simply to grow two hundred mouths. This will surely bring in more food.

In Cornwall, karst well has appeared in one of the backyards, leading to a medieval mine and having an impressive depth of as much as 300 feet. In this area, it is customary to conduct geological surveys before real estate transactions, as excavations were actively carried out here for the extraction of minerals several centuries ago. And to find karst deep well is a great luck.

The phone of the famous brand “Nokia” is really invincible. And even cement did not damage it. The device will probably work after recharging.

This picture is real, there are no filters on it. Just a photo was taken in Australia, where uncontrolled fires raged in December 2019. And on the morning of the 31st, several thousand inhabitants of the town of Mallacoota went to the coast just to breathe. And all the photographs taken on that day are painted in a red tint due to the air heated by fire.

The guy was just driving through Pennsylvania and on one of the back roads he found a whole huge mountain of cups almost in the middle of the forest.

The bird’s paws are holding on to the branch, but the bird itself is not. One can only speculate what happened here.

This strange huge clown is set in a public baby shower. Probably, after visiting the shower, many children come out of here with another fear.

These photos were taken recently and do not contain ghosts, but they are truly surprising and discouraging.

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