Cute dogs that you can meet in transport (photos)

Many owners move with their pets in transport. According to the rules of America, dogs must be transported in bags, so don’t be surprised if you see a shepherd or husky in a backpack! Pets are not against such movement, and passengers are only happy to have such fellow travelers!

Just imagine! You go to work in the morning when you suddenly see a cute dog in a bag. Good mood guaranteed!

He’s not too happy

Complete indifference!

Looks like he’s used to travel like this.

Great way to transport!

Even a basset can ride in a bag

Akita puppy looks surprised

Nothing surprised

Good boy in the arms

And again the dog in the backpack

Dog owners are very resourceful.

Don’t ask what’s going on here

Dog in a bag? In a bag. All rules are followed

Cute corgi in the subway

It looks like this dog has yet to get used to such trips

The cutest animals in the world

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