“Cute little angel!”: Little skater captured the attention of the audience with her performance on ice

Many children start learning ice-skating when they are still toddlres. If a child can already stand on the ice on her own at the age of 3, they would probably become really skillful by the age of 4. They will fall, of course, but will also get up independently and keep going ahead.

Even though figure skating is considered a sports, it is incredibly beautiful and emotional. Many children nowadays wish to become professional figure skaters.

A video of a 3-year-old figure skater appeared on YouTube in 2014, and many people still remember her performance. The video has gathered over 1.7 million views since then. The girl’s mother, Valerie, mentioned in the video that the girl had been skating for only 8 weeks. What a difference can 8 weeks make!

Although at that time the little girl didn’t understand what she was doing and how incredible it was, she was still pleased with herself. Years have passed, and people are still rooting for her.

Watch her adorable performance in the video below!

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