Cute video with a baby who stubbornly wants to sleep in an embrace with his best friend (video)

2-year-old Finn Knudston literally from the first days of his life received a unique nanny – a boxer dog named Brutus. He not only undertook to look after the baby but also became a pillow for him, as well as a soft toy that children hug in their sleep.

A normal phenomenon, in principle, but in the case of Finn and Brutus, everything went even further, which was filmed by the night camera.

Brutus and little Finn

Children love to sleep with pets.

From the very first days after the birth of Finn, the dog Brutus slept on the rug in his bedroom, guarding the baby’s sleep. When he grew up a little and got a spacious bed, Brutus began to lie down on the edge so that the boy would not fall off it. Then he again moved to the mat, but the young Finn decided that this was wrong. And then my mother began to find him in the morning next to the dog, after which she set up a night camera to understand what was happening.

Finn is a little under two years old, so he’s still clumsy. But persistent!

Everything looks nice, but few people know that at the 20th week of pregnancy, Brutus began to show anxiety and an additional examination revealed a cyanotic heart disease in the fetus caused by transposition of the main arteries.

Immediately after birth, the boy needed a special regimen, and at seven weeks he underwent surgery. Brutus feels that his little master needs special care, and does his best to provide it.

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