Dad Lets 3-Year-Old Daughter Pick Picture Day Outfit, Mom’s Reaction to the Result is Priceless

When Kaylieann Steinbach was three years old, she had a special day coming up: her class photo day. She was excited because she could choose her own clothes. But for some kids like her, it can be stressful because they worry about what others will think of their clothes, and some feel uncomfortable posing for pictures.

Kaylieann, who has trouble hearing, was thrilled about her class photo day. However, when she saw the clothes her parents had picked out for her, she felt disappointed. So, she decided to choose her own outfit.

Kaylieann loves superheroes, especially Superman and Supergirl. But because she can’t hear the letter “S,” she calls them “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl.”

There was no question about what she wanted to wear to class for the photo: her Pootergirl outfit.

When her parents showed her different clothes, she simply said, “Pootergirl!” Her dad, Austin Steinbach, couldn’t argue with that choice.

Kaylieann happily wore her superhero outfit for the photo, along with her Pootergirl doll. She looked full of joy in front of the camera.

According to Austin, Kaylieann wears different superhero costumes to school, and everyone looks forward to seeing which one she’ll wear each day.

Austin shared Kaylieann’s class photo on Reddit and was amazed by the response. Many people, especially those in the deaf community, sent supportive messages.

Austin was overwhelmed by the kindness and support. He never expected Kaylieann’s photo to touch so many people.

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