Dalmatian came across a hungry, thin puppy in the woods. They later became inseparable friends!

Rey Caquias surveyed the surrounding countryside while walking his dog Thiago near his home in Puerto Rico. Caquias became aware that his dog was following him and staring at something. 

He motioned for him to continue walking, but the animal was staring at something. Tiago ran into the forest after smelling the road. The dalmatian did not respond to the owner’s call, so he was forced to follow him. They came across a small, terrified puppy in the woods.

The puppy was terrified and extremely thin. If he stayed in the forest, he wouldn’t live long. Caquias attempted to pick up the puppy, but he bit him out of fear. He discovered a small box and managed to fit himself inside. The puppy was fed, bathed, and then taken to the veterinarian. The Dalmatian never left his new little friend alone. 

Thiago not only physically but also mentally saved the puppy. For him, he became a soul mate. He became more cheerful and active by the day. 

“Thiago is a sweet dog who couldn’t turn down a call for help,” Caquias explained.

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