Dance therapy with his mom helped the deaf and blind dog overcome all that horrible days

The elder dog was blind and deaf, so Julie knew she was in for some difficulties when she arrived to acquire Bean.

When Bean was saved from an “awful” environment, he was 11 years old.

He was first uncomfortable being among folks like Elrod since he had been deprived of family affection for a long period of time.

Poor Beanie struggled so much that he didn’t even like food.

Elrod obviously still had a ton of work to do. She aimed to teach and model for Bean the virtue of love.

He then had the brilliant notion that she should begin dancing with the dog.

Even though Beanie resisted Elrod’s attempts to pat him, he appeared to like the dancing therapy.

He eventually started to feel even better. He now resembles a brand-new puppy, all because of Elrod’s perseverance.

Bean was able to establish a relationship with his environment and became accustomed to the presence of people.

He didn’t know how to love at first and didn’t understand how his family showed affection, but today he feels so calm and free.

Elrod claims that Beanie made his every day happier and helped her improve her life as well.

“I am grateful for every minute I had with him.”

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