Deaf And Blind Puppy Uses Her Superpower To Dig For Buried Treasure (video)

A breeder dumped her because she’s blind and deaf, but her “disability” is what makes her so incredibly special.

Due to her deafness and blindness, Nellie, an attractive puppy, was given up for adoption by her breeder. She is a really strong little girl who has adjusted nicely to her situation despite this. Her keen sense of smell aids in her navigation of the world, which astounds her foster parents. Nellie is a cheerful and energetic puppy who enjoys playing and cuddling with her new canine companions.

In order to prevent Nellie from being disoriented, her foster parents take care not to rearrange everything, and her veterinarian has convinced them that she is accustomed to her situation and is unaware of any other possibilities. Despite the fact that we are all aware of her true exceptionality, to Nellie she is simply another pup.

The foster parents of Nellie were reassured by her veterinarian that she is accustomed to her state and has no memory of anything else. She has never known anything different, so she believes she is normal, according to her foster mother. But we are all aware that she is special and not “normal”! She may have been considered trash by the breeder, but she is anything but!

Despite having a difficult childhood, Nellie is a courageous little girl who uses her superpower—her nose—to hunt for hidden riches. Although she is still waiting for her forever family, it is certain that she will find them and receive the love and attention she so well deserves.

You’re about to fall in love with this tiny heroine; she is just too adorable! A special thank you to all the wonderful foster parents who care for dogs like Nellie.

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