Deaf Dog Finally Found A Forever Home After 11 Years Roaming On The Street

So glad the deaf dog is saved my heart is happy.

Although a dog’s lifespan typically ranges from 10 to 13 years, Solo, the sad dog, has been homeless for almost ten years and has spent nearly all of that time on the streets of Los Angeles.

He was aged, deaf, emaciated, and too fatigued to barely stand. Then, when Solo finally passed out on a woman’s doorstep, she gave him the name Solovino, which is Spanish for “he came alone.”

Solo was taken to San Francisco and placed in a foster home after calling Rocket Dog Rescue for help. Due to Solo’s advanced age and deafness, however, the foster family adopted him, only to again leave him.

When Carol Messina saw a picture of Solo online one day, she knew she had to save him. She is aware of the anguish and grief Solo has experienced, and she wants to provide him the respect and affection he deserves.

Messina met Solo and found out from away that he was deaf. Because he couldn’t hear anyone approaching him, he felt uneasy every time they did. In addition, Solo was suffering from dental aches, which bothered him.

Fortunately, Messina had been able to set up Solo’s operation to fix his dental problems. She also showed him love and affection, and Solo eventually started to believe her. He seemed more content and even seemed younger!

Love is a strong feeling, and Messina’s consideration and care have had a significant impact on Solo’s life. Now that he has discovered a loving and safe home, he is aware of his deservingness of love and care.

We are appreciative of Messina’s kindness and for giving Solo a second chance at life. May he prosper in his permanent residence!

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