Disney on Ice Skater Recovering After Fall During Show

An ice skater from Disney on Ice had a bad fall during a show in Minnesota. Her name is Anastasia Olson, and she’s 31 years old. But don’t worry, she’s now in stable condition at the hospital.

Before, she was in serious condition, but now she’s doing better. The doctors say she has a good chance of getting better. She’s awake and her body is stable.

Anastasia plays Princess Belle in the Disney on Ice show called Beauty and the Beast. She got hurt during the show last Saturday in Minneapolis. She fell while doing a lift with another skater.

After Anastasia fell, the show kept going. Some people who watched the show said the accident happened about 40 minutes after it started. They saw Anastasia fall and get hurt.

One person said Belle fell during a lift. Another person said Belle started having a seizure and had to be taken away on a stretcher.

We don’t know much more about how Anastasia is doing, but Disney on Ice says they’re thankful for everyone’s good wishes for her recovery.

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