Do you believe that the brilliant Antonio Banderas is already 60 years old?

How do you feel about the work of this actor?

August, the colorful, incendiary Antonio Banderas celebrated his anniversary. But who will believe that he is already 60 years old.

The actor is the embodiment of Spanish charisma, generosity, and artistry. The best qualities inherent in the male Mediterranean type are concentrated in this man.

The birthplace of Antonio Banderas is sunny Malaga, he was born in 1960, and already at the age of 14, he firmly decided that he would connect his future with an acting career.

This decision was inspired by the guy’s musical, which he saw on TV. Considering the bright appearance of the young man, and his talent, it is not surprising that Banderas quickly became famous, first in Spanish cinema, and then in Hollywood.

And how do you feel about the work of this actor?

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