“Doctors advised abandoning the girl”: how “the most terrible girl in the world” became the idol of millions of people

“Smile and be yourself!”

As you know, no more than 3 people live with this disease on the planet. Once a girl saw a video on the Internet, which had more than 4,000,000 views and many likes, in this video, the girl was called the ugliest and ugly girl in the world. Because of this, the girl decided to radically change her life as much as possible: to become an example for many people to follow.

“She won’t be able to walk or talk”

The girl was born on March 13, 1989, in an ordinary family. The weight of the newborn was only 1.2 kg. The doctors told the caregivers that it was a phenomenon because there was no amniotic fluid near the baby’s fetus, it was great happiness that she was able to be born. The doctors said: be prepared that your daughter will not talk, and may not even be able to walk, and generally do anything without outside help.

But they did not complain because of the cruel fate of their first child. They had only one goal: to take the child home and take care of her as best as they could. In the hospital, they were advised to write a waiver of the child, but Velasquez rejected this offer and left home with the child.

“Smile and be yourself!”

Everything changed when the girl went to kindergarten. She faced the fact that she is not looked at like everyone else.

To find out why this is happening, the girl decided to ask her relatives why no one perceives her. The family called the girl to talk and said: “Lizzy, the only thing that distinguishes you from other children is your thinness. Your illness doesn’t show who you are. Keep your head up, smile, and don’t stop being yourself – and people will understand and will think that you are exactly the same as them.

“My fate is only in my hands, just like your fate is in yours”

Now Lizzy actively maintains her channel, which has over 800 thousand subscribers. Her monologue at the 2014 TED conference received over 11,000,000 views. Elizabeth Velasquez is also campaigning for the first federal anti-bullying law.

In 2015, the film Braveheart: The Lizzy Velasquez Story was released – a universal story from the life of Elizabeth and an appeal to those who had to endure bullying. Also in 2015, her fourth book, Don’t Be Afraid to Be Kind, was published.

The girl fulfilled everything that she promised herself at the age of 17, except for marriage, but she believes that it is yet to come.

Now her financial income is exclusively from speaking at schools, kindergartens, and various conferences: she gives children information about bullying and growing up. And he explains to mature people and does not let them forget that teenagers should not be forbidden to be on the Internet, you need to communicate with them more and tell them how to behave in such situations.

With her fight against bullying and bullying on the Internet, Elizabeth is making a big difference in the lives of all people, and our society, which especially needs it.

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