Does she look like a dog? No one dared to treat a sick abandoned puppy …

Let there be a home for every homeless and sick puppy!

This tiny creature didn’t even come close to being a dog! ”– Anna Smirnova recalled …

In 2012, a five-month-old puppy was found in one of the abandoned areas of the city. The baby was very sick and looked so terrible that new comments from sympathetic people appeared on the Internet every now and then. They sympathized, but no one could offer real help or take the poor thing home …

In the end, there were four people who decided to take the dog to the veterinary clinic. Anna was among them.

The condition of the animal was so depressing that it required complex and lengthy treatment. But where to place the dog at this time? With such diagnoses, she had no place either in a shelter or in overexposure.

Anna Smirnova would like to take the poor thing home, but she could not because she had a dog with cancer who was living out the last months …

What was to be done? I had to come up with something because it was simply impossible to leave the unfortunate animal!

Anna and three other volunteers managed to find a person who was in dire need of money and had medical skills! It was possible to collect the necessary amount of money for the treatment of the dog, so the overexposure was generously paid for.

The woman who agreed to go out with a puppy had a hard time, but she was able to put the puppy on all four legs. When the treatment began, a strong smell of rot was felt by the baby … The animal was not allowed to go outside, so the dog was wrapped in a blanket and taken to the hospital.

A little later, Anna’s old spaniel died – it was not possible to cure the dog of cancer … Then the girl decided to take the dog home, which had already recovered at that time.

They called her Dusya or simply Bun.

For four years, the dog has been living with Anna …

The whole family loves the dog – it turned out to be an extremely loyal and grateful dog!

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