Dog cries real tears after dad has no choice but to leave him at the shelter

His condition remains precarious.

For the last 11 years, Blue Bear’s father had been his only residence; however, this all changed last week. The senior mastiff wound up at Trenton Animals Rock because Blue Bear’s father had nowhere else to go. Blue Bear didn’t understand why his father couldn’t stop crying or why he was at a shelter. He barked and snarled, startling the shelter personnel, until his father told him to sit and Danielle Gletow came over.

Trenton Animals Rock director Gletow told The Dodo, “I went up to him and he cuddled his head towards my waist and let me touch him instantaneously. It was simply distressing.”

Blue Bear was confused and sad, not violent, as Gletow could see. Blue Bear’s owner received assurances from Gletow that the dog wouldn’t spend the night in the shelter before she started the search for a foster home for him. Being away from his own family caused Blue Bear to start crying.

Blue Bear was really distressed when Gletow tried to kennel him so they could gather their thoughts and phone other people. “So, we carried him into the office, and he sat down in my lap.”

Every time he had, she said, “he’d go over to the door and sit in front of it weeping.” He had real tears flowing down his cheeks when he turned around. I’m not lying when I say that I was in tears.

Gletow warned Blue Bear that unless he found a temporary home, she wouldn’t leave the shelter that evening. But she understood it would be tough to relocate Blue Bear because of his 130 pounds and serious arthritis in his back legs.

In response to Gletow’s Facebook Live video of Blue Bear, calls and comments poured in from all across the nation. Madison, a foster child in the area, viewed the awful video and kindly offered to take care of Blue Bear so he could start to relax. Blue Bear settled down in Madison’s house.

Gletow added, “We placed a cushion on the floor, and he laid his head on it. Madison and I just sat with him, hugged him, and spent some time.” “He’s really generous. I picture him as a gentle giant.

Gletow stays in touch with Blue Bear’s father, but because of his uncertain health, she is working to find Blue Bear a suitable place to spend his latter years.

To give him a chance to unwind, “We’re going to place him in foster care for a while.” stated Gletow. After the vet has examined him and we are aware of his needs, we will begin looking for a home with someone who is experienced with large-breed dogs. We will also start him on vitamins and maybe acupuncture.

Trenton Animals Rock’s attempts to help neighborhood animals include Blue Bear as one illustration.

Many residents of this city are reluctant to get in touch with us because they are unaware that this is a no-kill shelter. stated Gletow. “We’ve made an effort to make this shelter more welcoming to the neighborhood, and we’re demonstrating to people that we can be a resource. They don’t need to be afraid to ask for help before it’s too late.

There won’t be any more tears shed, even though Blue Bear’s fate is still uncertain.

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