Dog Met Grandma After Hospital And His Reaction Will Melt Anyone’s Heart (video)

There is nothing more touching than a dog’s meeting with the owner, whom he had not seen for a long time. The sincere joy that an animal shows after being reunited with a loved one can’t stop touching those who love dogs.

This woman was forced to go to the hospital due to her failing health. She has been for many years, so you need to be especially careful to monitor what is happening with the body.

Finally, after being discharged, the woman went home. But to meet immediately with his pet, a small short-legged dog with a fawn color, the Chihuahua breed, did not work.

All due to the fact that the chubby dog ​​was incredibly excited about the return of the mistress. And the woman, exhausted by the doctors, needed time to prepare for the reunion.


When the chihuahua was let into the room, she immediately rushed to the owner. The dog hovered around the woman’s legs for a long time, trying to climb onto her arms and licking everything she could reach. The hostess did not remain in debt: she ruffled the cheeks of her pet for a long time and stroked her in brief moments of calm.

The thought that someone can love you so deeply and unconditionally is inspiring. That is why many people have pets, and videos with them are gaining a lot of views. This, for example, on the YouTube channel has received more than 14,000 views.

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