During the flood, the dogs were kept afloat for more than 16 hours!

When a terrible flood began, the affected people left their homes en masse, they were quickly evacuated. Meanwhile, left in a panic, the pets watched in horror as the water rises to the very roofs. However, there were heroes who decided to save the animals in trouble. The friends decided to pull as many animals out of the water as they could find during the rescue operation.

And at this time, friends found two dogs that were without a roof over their heads and owners. One of them was sitting on a small “island”, which for him was a piece of a destroyed house. The second dog was in about the same situation and was also looking forward to helping.

Friends with surprise answered that the dogs managed to hold out for at least 16 hours! During this time, they showed ingenuity and found a way to survive in such extreme conditions.

In total, Mike and Darrell managed to save about 100 animals, and at that time that was not all. Friends said that they continued the rescue operation and expressed the hope that they could pull even more pets out of the water.

However, friends were not the only ones who rushed to save the animals. Josh Petit told his story. He told about a dog that was floundering in the water, exhausted. Perhaps the pet was holding on to something, but, ultimately, ended up in a dirty goo. From there, only the upper part of the muzzle peeped out.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the bush was moving. And then… I saw eyes and a nose sticking out of the water… We rescued her and she lay down on my lap. And then she began to “cry” like a big baby!” Josh recalls.

Fortunately, all the animals that were saved are now completely safe, and the men who organized the mission to save the pets can be safely called heroes!

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