During their trip to Greece, the couple met the most wonderful creature, a sweet little puppy

She had been thinking about him and feeling sad for several week.

While Maddie Kimberly was on vacation to the Greek island of Crete, it came out that she had a second visitor at her rented home. There was a dog there that was undoubtedly enjoying himself, as he ran around and lazed all day. He was still a little reserved when Kim tried to approach him, so she made the decision to wait until he felt secure.

Therefore her action was successful, and it eventually produced the anticipated outcome. The puppy soon felt so happy that she let her cuddle him. Without a doubt, it was love at first sight. The dog was plagued by parasites and fleas, though, and had other issues. He was also without a collar and based on his looks, he was a stray dog.

Along with her, she cared for the dog, and her lover said he felt at peace there. Their relationship got stronger each day. They became closer and closer as the days went by. The youngster was also taken to the veterinarian. Kimberly made every effort to adopt the puppy and bring him home, but she was unable to do so and was forced to leave him at the veterinarian.

Accepting the fact that she could not bring her new buddy back to England was terrible for her. They were so devoted to one another. Kim wrote, “I felt very miserable.” She had been grieving over him and thinking about him for weeks, but she had no choice but to leave him there.

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