Eats insects and hears everything: facts about the big-eared fox (photos)

There are many more types of foxes in the world, not only red and familiar to most people. Today we will look and find out the facts about the big-eared beauty.

For life, the big-eared fox chose not the best place. The climate is hot, in a fur coat, she moves around southern Africa. There is also little food. Around the sand, dry bushes, but even in such conditions, she adapted to life.

Life in the harsh wastelands hardened the fox. It is several times smaller than other types of foxes. The animal endures temperature fluctuations with courage. It may not even drink, but take moisture from its prey. The diet consists of insects, fruits. It is impossible not to notice the huge ears of the fox, it is they who help to search for prey and hear predators for many kilometers. In addition, the ears help to cool due to the vessels that help dissipate heat.

Only 10% of the diet consists of arthropods, reptiles, and eggs. The rest is accounted for by insects: locusts, grasshoppers, and beetles. And the most delicious and nutritious food for foxes is termites. He finds termite mounds and hosts them like a smorgasbord.

Big ears help you hear where the insects are digging their tunnels. And they always go hunting with someone. It’s best in a couple. The offspring of the fox give birth from December to April, at this particular time the rainy season in the area.

They raise their offspring in a burrow. For these purposes, they do not dig them themselves, but use other’s dwellings, for example, aardvarks. Not everyone survives because the conditions are harsh, and the mother’s papilla is only 4, so only the strongest survive.

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