Eight machos from Hollywood who have lost weight!

These men were once regarded as “Hollywood’s sex symbols,” but things have changed and they are no longer considered to be beauty ideals! We would like to draw your attention to a collection of images of men who were once held up as models of bravery and beauty. 

L. DiCaprio

Keep in mind how dashing Leo was in Titanic. But the actor is no longer the same because of weight gain. 

E. Norton

The Fight Club actor is obviously older. 

J. Depp

It’s obvious that Johnny’s life hasn’t been easy lately. He is worn out from litigating with his ex-wife in court. 

J. Law

Jude used to be handsome and trim, but now he has wrinkles and a pot belly.

A. Banderas

Because Antonio lacks eyebrows and hair, it is challenging to tell who he is in this picture. 

B. Fraser

The “The Mummy” star reportedly aged and gained weight, but this was brought on by his illness. He is now working extremely hard to get back in shape. 

H. Grant

A once-handsome man has undergone a significant change: wrinkles, facial spots, and gray hair characterize him now. 

M. Perry

Matthew has completely lost his identity over the last few years. He used these years to overcome his drug use and depression.

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