Elephants relax in their pool on a sunny day (video)

Most people picture elephants wallowing in mud puddles or munching on grass on the broad savannah. However, these fortunate elephants spend their time swimming in the pool at the Cincinnati Zoo. 

Elephants are unable to perspire to cool off, just like dogs. To cool the blood vessels in their ears, these creatures do not pant; instead, they flap their ears. These elephants had the pool at their disposal when flapping their ears wasn’t enough. 

But as soon as you start observing these witty creatures, it becomes obvious they are not at this place merely to cool off. They enjoy playing in the water, therefore they go swimming to do that.

One of the elephants immediately began to splash its trunk back and forth when it approached the water. However, the aquatic elephants did not end there. 

One of the elephants waded all the way down till only its head was above the surface of the water. Then, they breathed underwater by twisting their trunk like a straw. 

The submerged elephant dove below and resurfaced out of the water to give out a joyous horn that startled the zoogoers when one of its companions approached. 

Elephants are not typically thought of as swimmers, but these ones were having a great time. To the enjoyment of zoo visitors, observe them enjoying themselves in their pool.


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