Elizabeth Debicki’s Barefoot Speech and Birthday Wishes for Mom

Elizabeth Debicki, who played Princess Diana in “The Crown,” won a big acting award called the SAG Award for her role.

She beat Jennifer Aniston, Bella Ramsey, Keri Russell, and Sarah Snook.

When she got on stage, Debicki said she wasn’t wearing shoes and wasn’t expecting to win. She thanked everyone and talked about how much she loves acting, remembering a happy moment from when she was young. She thanked her fellow actors and her mom, who was celebrating her birthday that day.

Debicki spent a lot of time researching Princess Diana for her role and gained a lot of respect for her. She admired how Diana dealt with the media and her personal struggles.

Jennifer Aniston, who stars in “The Morning Show,” talked about how acting helped her deal with her own emotions. Bella Ramsey, who stars in “The Last of Us,” found it hard to separate herself from her character. Keri Russell, from “The Diplomat,” enjoyed playing her character but wished she didn’t have to talk so much. Sarah Snook, from “Succession,” felt sad about the show ending but was grateful for the experience.

Overall, these actors talked about their experiences and feelings while working on their respective shows and characters.

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