Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren: they have inherited the beauty of their grandmother

All of them are successful and charismatic, just like their grandmother

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous and attractive actresses in Hollywood. The woman, unfortunately, passed away in 2011, at the age of 79. The actress’s grandchildren have inherited the beauty and charisma of their legendary grandmother.

Taylor had 10 grandchildren. Let’s find out what they do and how they look.


In one of her interviews, Naomi mentioned that she inherited her grandmother’s obsession with jewelry and fancy dresses. The woman is now a successful stylist. Naomi is 46 years old. She admitted, that the time spent with her late grandmother was the best in her life.


Laela was Elizabeth’s first granddaughter. As a result, the girl always received most of the actress’s attention. Elizabeth was the one to teach Laela the importance of proper make-up and how to do it. Laela is now a graphic designer.


Many people say that from all the 10 grandchildren, Quinn was the only one to inherit his grandmother’s bright appearance. The man is interested in photography and painting.


Tarquin decided to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps. The guy is currently a director and is really successful in this field. He is always thinking of his grandmother, and this just warms his heart.

In your opinion, which of the actress’s grandchildren look more like their grandmother?

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