Emily Blunt Opens Up About Marriage to John Krasinski and Fun Times with Ryan Gosling

Emily Blunt talked about why it’s great being married to John Krasinski! She told PEOPLE magazine at the premiere of The Fall Guy at SXSW in Austin how her husband’s experience as a director helped her with her role in the movie.

“I understand the stress of being a director because I’m married to one. I know what it’s like to have a lot on your mind and feel pulled in many directions,” she said about playing director Jody Moreno in The Fall Guy.

Blunt has been married to Krasinski since 2010, and they have two daughters, Hazel and Violet.

Talking about her co-star Ryan Gosling, she said they had a fantastic time working together. “He’s really easy to be around and a great collaborator. We had so much fun on set. It was sad when it was over,” she added.

Blunt recently attended the Oscars with her parents and had a great time. She said her parents enjoyed seeing the chaos behind the scenes and meeting her friends in the industry.

At the Oscars, Blunt and Gosling presented a tribute to stunt performers. They made jokes about their movie rivalry, but both praised stunt performers as the unsung heroes of the movie industry.

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