Emotional Husky gets overly dramatic before dinner time (video)

The husky was fortunate to not have to wait for very long.

The period before supper is typically when kids are at their most impatient, whether you are a parent of a dog or a child. That was definitely the situation in the Husky K’eyush’s residence.

The big personalities of these fluffy canines are well-known to anybody who has ever taken care of a husky. Even with K’eyush, it was the situation. His facial expressions alone spoke a lot.

The amiable Husky heard K’eyush refer to his grandma as “Biscuit Lady.” But he didn’t stop there. He cried out in anger to his family, telling them how unfair it was that he hadn’t eaten supper. Even without the endearing subtitles offered by his family, his facial expressions and vocalizations were simple to interpret. After K’eyush’s complaining and game of tag failed to get him his food, he instead took another approach.

While they waited for supper, his mother had set up her workspace to create a bikini.

K’eyush thought it would be a good diversion to lie on top of her work.

Being the obstinate hound that he was, K’eyush wouldn’t get off the cutting board. Instead, he glanced about with a charming, innocent smile as though he didn’t understand why his mother wanted him to move.

Fortunately, the Husky didn’t have to wait for very long.

When K’eyush learned the stranger meant that his wait for supper was ended when Chinese cuisine finally showed up at the door, he howled with pleasure.

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