Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Plan New Movie After “Anyone But You” Success

Glen Powell, 35, and Sydney Sweeney, 26, are planning to make another movie together after their last one, “Anyone But You,” did well at the box office. They’re looking through scripts to find the right one. Powell said they’re both excited to work together again because they get along so well.

Powell mentioned that Sweeney is super fast at reading scripts, while he takes a bit longer. They’re trying to find something that audiences will like.

In “Anyone But You,” they played characters who start off as enemies but end up falling in love at a wedding. The movie made $87 million in the U.S. and $191.2 million worldwide, even though it only earned $6 million when it first came out in December.

They appeared together at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards and sang a song from the movie onstage with Natasha Bedingfield.

At the awards, “Anyone But You” was nominated for best comedy movie (Barbie won), and Powell and Sweeney were nominated for best comedy movie stars (Jennifer Lawrence won for another movie).

While they’re looking for their next project together, Powell is focusing on promoting two other big movies he’s in: “Hit Man,” which comes out on Netflix in June, and “Twisters,” which comes out in July. He’s excited about “Twisters” because he had a great time working with Daisy Edgar-Jones and thinks the movie will be a wild ride.

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