“Entering Motherhood in Later Years”: Woman becomes a mother at 66

Some women become moms when they are older. Unfortunately, some women don’t have children when they are young. They seem to miss out on the chance to experience motherhood. But among them, there are those who keep trying.

Iliescu worked as a teacher throughout her life. At the age of 66, she decides to have a baby. She chose to undergo fertility treatment.

Well, Eliza was born a very healthy girl. The girl grew up to be smart and beautiful. Adrian herself took care of her child but recently mentioned that she found a good tutor for her.

An Indian couple had always dreamed of becoming parents but couldn’t achieve this dream. Only at the age of 70, Omkara shared the long-awaited news with her husband.

These people became parents in old age through the IVF program. After 9 months, a charming boy was born.

D. Kaur had always dreamed of becoming a mother but achieved this only at the age of 72. She admits that her husband was even ready to adopt the baby, but she didn’t want to. The couple acknowledges that they weren’t prepared for this, and now they are doing their best to take care of the baby.

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