Ernestine Shepard is the oldest female bodybuilder What does she look like at 84?

This fit and charming woman is 84 years old! She entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest bodybuilder in the world. Her figure makes her admire and motivates young people to play sports.

Our heroine was born in 1936. Ernestine began to get involved in sports at the age of 56. It was then that she noticed that her body had changed and was no longer as firm and toned as in her youth. Together with her, her sister decided to change, women began to attend aerobics classes, and after a while, they increased the load.

Since then, the sport has forever left a mark in the hearts of women. They began to participate in bodybuilding competitions. Unfortunately, in 1992 the sister of our heroine left this world. Ernestine suffered for 5 years because of the departure of her sister, until one day she dreamed of her. The woman asked to fulfill her cherished dream. During her lifetime, Mildred wanted to get into the Book of Records. After that, Ernestine got ready and went back to the hall.

She practiced every day. Her day starts at 4 am with a 10 km run. Next, our heroine goes to the gym for strength training. Now her weight is 59 kg with a height of 169 cm. The athlete eats mainly fresh vegetables and meat.

At 84, Ernestine looks at most 50! Today she lost her former shape a little. This happened due to the fact that all the halls were closed for quarantine. But when the situation in the world improves, our heroine will definitely return to her training.

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