Even after being adopted, the 3 friends remained inseparable friends, celebrating their birthdays together every year

They love each other so much that every time they meet, they start showering each other with kisses and hugs.

They still admire one another despite having separate homes because they share a close brotherly relationship. Let’s learn more about the life of these endearing siblings. As they visited a shelter to adopt pit bulls, their people crossed paths.

They discovered they had a really deep link, so their owners decided to arrange monthly get-togethers so that these amazing canines could continue their close friendship, which had its roots in the shelter. Even better, they have a great tradition. They share a birthday celebration each year.

They adore one other so much that they immediately start kissing and cuddling each other when they see each other and playing games together. They focus all of their attention on Skarli. His siblings engage in play with him and kiss him liberally. Every one of their birthdays is celebrated like a genuine party, complete with party hats, balloons, and of course a special cake just for them.

Every time, they proudly display their party hats and outfits as they wait for their humans to sing them “Happy Birthday.” The sweeties anticipate their cake the most, as do we all on our birthdays, of course.

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