Even connoisseurs of history thought about the purpose of these finds from the past

At such moments, it seems as if nothing like this has happened in the past.

At the present time, when progress is rapidly changing our world, filling it with various gadgets and innovative inventions, it is sometimes really difficult to keep up with everything or just keep your finger on the pulse. At such moments, it seems as if nothing like this has happened in the past. But only those who have not come across ancient objects, the purpose of which without the help of others simply cannot be unraveled, think so.

1. “I found some small chest of drawers with handles. Is that really a chest of drawers?

Answer: “This is a rare traveler’s chest. In these, various valuable trinkets were transported, which were traded ”

2. “What is this strange beetle?”

Answer: “This is an old device for taking off boots without bending over. Put one foot on the beetle’s back, rest the heel of the other on its horns and take off your boot.

3. “Is this some kind of whistle? I found it among the rubble of old things in my grandfather’s garage.”

Answer: “This is a bent valve from the engine of some old car, it’s hard to name the model”

4. “I saw this at my parents’ house. Father says it’s a rarity. What is it?”

Answer: “These are antique glass floats for fishing nets.”

5. “Is this some kind of massive seal? I got it from my grandmother”

Answer: “This is a Chinese belt ornament. It was hung on the laces that were used to gird the kimono to make the tie heavier.

6. “What is this thing I found at my house?”

Answer: “This is a copper Indian bell for spiritual ceremonies”

7. “What kind of tool is this?”

Answer: “This is an iron bracket, these were attached in pairs to the plow beam when plowing the land, allowing you to adjust the depth of plowing”

8. “What is this concrete thing?”

Answer: “This is a lawn roller that presses down the bulging grass”

9. “This thing has been in our garage for as long as I can remember. What was she a part of?

Answer: “It looks like part of the bottom of a charcoal stove”

10. “What kind of strange tool was inherited from my grandfather?”

Answer: “Looks like a letter opener”

11. “What kind of rings are these and what could they be needed for?”

Answer: “This is the part of the harness that the horse bites”

12. “What is this strange device?”

Answer: “These are Yakut glasses, probably one of the oldest devices for protecting the eyes from snowy whiteness”

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