Every day, the benevolent butcher leaves leftovers outside his store for stray dogs (video)

It’s amazing to see how these street dogs are so conscious.

A cute video of stray canines rummaging for leftovers from a butcher shop is warming the hearts of animal lovers. In the footage, a cardboard box with a heap of raw chicken bones is seen on the pavement.

The dogs cautiously approach the box one at a time, taking only the necessary bones. It’s amazing how considerate and courteous each dog is, even when they are only carrying one piece of bone.

In the video, an elderly Golden Retriever approaches the box carefully, takes a bone, and then slowly leaves. While one dog wags his tail joyfully, unable to believe his luck, another seems uneasy and cowers as he approaches.

The video was initially shared on social media platforms by TikTok user @ugursa_ in March 2021, but the original video has been removed from TikTok. But it has appeared on Reddit and Facebook.

According to a Puerto Rican lawyer, stray dogs are clever and interact with a wide range of humans. The majority of the dogs have learned not to enter people’s houses and are timid and courteous. Additionally, the attorney saw a butcher giving out chicken carcasses, which are not the best option for humans but are a dog’s favorite. Most of these dogs can get enough bones from one chicken carcass for two days and almost a meal. These canines are content as a result.

Dogs being fed bones has caused some viewers to express concern, while others have noted that cooked bones offer a bigger risk since they can break and harm the internal organs. The backbone was made from the bones that the good Samaritans threw away. Some viewers were uncertain as to whether the video was shot in Turkey. A Redditor who recognized the branding on the cardboard box as belonging to a Turkish company was able to establish that the film was really taken in Turkey.

In the majority of Turkish cities, wild cats and dogs are given good care, claims another Redditor. Before releasing them back to the same neighborhood they were picked up from, the municipality inspects and tags them. Additionally, they get routine veterinarian care. The Redditor also mentioned that plenty of people leave food and water bowls for the stray animals and that lots of eateries, butchers, and seafood shops give the animals scraps or food if they approach seeking something to eat.

Another study has noted that cats effectively manage Istanbul. They related a personal story of a cat that ate chicken fingers on their terrace before the waiter discovered the animal’s favored sauce. Even while it’s heartening to see the stray animals being well-cared for, it’s unfortunate that they still must spend their nights outside in the weather.

In another video, a dog happily waits for a plate of food while wagging its tail, showing that this butcher has frequent customers.

There are other butchers in Turkey who care more deeply about animals than the one in issue. Ikram Korkmazer, who lives in Turkey as well, is obviously a fan of animals. Pets looking for food frequently stop by his store, including dogs and cats. One of his films went viral when a cat was shown leaning on his meat counter and beseeching him for a treat.

Several dogs are also waiting obediently for food or two or three on Korkmazer’s pavement.

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