Every day the cat brings the owner different “gifts” (videos)

Does your cat give you gifts? A cat named Coconut from the USA, for example, every day brings her owner a variety of “gifts”. Of course, sometimes it’s just rubbish, but the main thing is attention!

A cat named Coconut loves his owner very much. The pet even periodically informs her about this in a special “language” – she brings her gifts. At the same time, gifts can be very different – this is literally everything that the cat finds in the house.

Taryn and her husband adopted a cat from a shelter not so long ago, and since then she has been following this cute ritual. Coconut takes some object in the house in the teeth, and proudly carries it to his owner. Even if sometimes she brings simple garbage, the main thing is attention!

The owner started posting videos of Coconut gifts on Tiktok. There, the cat quickly gained popularity and millions of views. Still – after all, she gives the owner gifts every day!

“We think that Coconut follows this ritual with ‘gifts’ as a token of love for us. She is a very sweet and playful kitty. We love her very much too!” – says the owner.

Video with Coconut and her gifts:

@taryntrout you guys… the long awaited part 2 (please enjoy the new orange couch) #cat #foryou #funnyy #catsoftiktok #kitten #part2 ♬ [Animals and dishes] Cute BGM – Sound Owl

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