Every day the stray dog Kupata helps children cross the street safely while going to school

One of the stray dogs in Georgia, Kupata, does a fantastic job. He takes considerable care and pride in doing all of that.

He sees himself as a school checkpoint guard, and it is his duty to assist all schoolchildren in crossing the street.

He simply enjoys kids, which is why he goes above and beyond to ensure their safety as they cross the street.

When Kupata first showed up at this location, he was just a puppy. Locals constantly fed and took care of him.

He just began flying over automobiles one day with the intention of halting them so that kids could cross the street safely, and that is how it all began.

If the cars still don’t stop, he begins barking angrily at them and keeps walking with the kids.

Kupata enjoys playing with kids after school as well.

He enjoys eating sausages the most among his favorite meals, and all of them are quite kind to him and frequently bring them to him.

After the sausage Kupata, it is where the name of the dish originated.

Everyone loves Kupata, so when his story was posted online, it instantly caught the interest of thousands of people.

The beautiful youngster even receives gifts from supporters throughout the world, and he is undoubtedly grateful for everything.

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