Every day the sweet dog waits for his favorite mailman and gets so excited when the truck finally arrives

Of course, this pooch is the one that is happiest when the postal truck arrives.

The small puppy is so content that he perceives every day as a true holiday.

He stands at the door every morning, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the white truck.

And as soon as he realizes how it gets to him, he starts to become excited and shakes his tail.

The Chihuahua, who is just five months old, has absolutely no interest in reading letters.

He just adores Dan the mailman and regards him as his greatest buddy.

Here is how they first connected. When his owner and he went to retrieve the mail one day, she stopped to chat with the mailman and asked him if he would want to give Frannie a hug afterward.

She had seen how excited her puppy was, and how she fell in love with Dan right away.

Every day, he will wait on his tiny bed while anticipating the arrival of the white vehicle.

When he notices it, he starts to leap, signaling to his owner to let him leave the house.

He then sprints all the way to Danny, giving him a hearty hug. They are very adorable!

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