Everyone chased the unhappy cat out of every nook and cranny where he could hide

A cat lived peacefully in one of Petrozavodsk’s boiler buildings, which was originally an apartment but was no longer needed by the owners. The peaceful and unobtrusive poor fellow tried not to attract attention, but for some reason, every time they noticed him, he disturbed them, and the purr was driven from his perch.

So the cat lived, perpetually tormented by someone, futile and miserable. He was once unlucky enough to get into a battle with other felines and was severely injured. Galina, a volunteer, recognized him at that time and couldn’t get past the cat.

The veterinarian examined the cat and determined that he was around 2-3 years old. The tramp was treated and transferred to Galina for home overexposure recovery and stress relief. She chose the name Thomas for her new ward.

After a little period of recuperation, Thomas revealed himself to be a very well-mannered, calm, and loving cat. He quickly got along with Galina’s other furry family members and didn’t create too much difficulty.

When people started touching and embracing Thomas, he was overjoyed. He purred and scrunched up his eyes in delight, gleefully releasing his claws and pressing his ears.

Look at what a gorgeous guy Thomas has become! And it’s all because he ended up in the capable hands of Galina.

Stephan and Ekaterina, a young couple, once came to see Galina. They intended to take only one cat, but they were distracted by Thomas, who was close. Affectionate fluffy began to purr as soon as they petted him, and they couldn’t stop themselves.

As a result, Thomas dashed off to his new home! The cat was pleased with the land that had fallen into his hands. He rapidly became accustomed to lying close to the owners, purring and touching them.

Thomas, a former boiler house inhabitant, is now a happy house cat. No one persecutes or offends him, and he is always surrounded by care and affection. What more does happiness require?

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